“A very interesting event to connect and know all the players and possibilities (or most of them!) in the development of H2.”

Elena Planella, Purchasing Manager, Quimica del Cinca

We’re very proud to welcome Linde as Silver Sponsor and Exhibitor at World Hydrogen 2022. We spoke to David Burns, VP Clean Energy Development who gave us an overview of Linde’s company history, highlighted some of their biggest achievements and upcoming projects, and shared what he is most looking forward to at World Hydrogen 2022. (David Burns is also an esteemed member of our World Hydrogen Advisory Board.)

Tell us how your company started & evolved into what it is today?

Linde has been in the hydrogen business for over 100 years and was one of the first looking at hydrogen for decarbonizing mobility, more than 30 years ago. Today, we generate around $2.5 bn of global revenue through hydrogen and cover every link of its value-chain: production, processing, distribution and solutions for end-use applications, such as mobility, refineries, chemicals and steel.

What is your company’s biggest achievements and what projects are you currently working on?

We are fortunate to have quite a few, so it’s challenging to highlight only a couple. We’re close to 200 hydrogen refuelling stations installed worldwide and are currently collaborating with Daimler in the development of an innovative fuelling technology for heavy-duty vehicles, based on sub-cooled liquid hydrogen (sLH2), that will enable faster refuelling and greater range. We are also in the final stages of building what will be the world’s largest PEM electrolyser at 24MW in our facilities at Leuna, and are looking at a couple of other large electrolysis applications, such as the 100MW electrolyser for the REFHYNE project. Another interesting project is the collaboration with Sasol and Enertrag for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels, which will be key to decarbonising the aviation sector. Last but not least, we’ve recently signed an MoU for a very large project in Oman, called SalalaH2, where we will be exploring green hydrogen and green ammonia production opportunities in the region, together with OQ, Marubeni Corp. and Dutco Group.

What is something most people don’t know about your company’s services?

One of the things our customers value when working with Linde is the fact that we can offer a full-service solution, derived from the unique setup of our company, with our Linde Engineering and Linde Gas divisions. Linde Engineering offers best-in-class technologies and equipment while Linde Gas has extensive expertise in owning and operating assets, providing a much more comprehensive solution compared to what you would usually find with other suppliers. We can offer a true one-stop-shop solution.

What are you most looking forward to at World Hydrogen 2022?

This will be one of the first live events in a very long time and I am very much looking forward to engaging in interesting conversations with customers and other stakeholders in the energy transition, learn what they are doing and exchange ideas.

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We extend a warm welcome to BOSS Energy Consulting Ltd as Bronze Sponsor and Exhibitor at World Hydrogen 2022. We met with George Richardson, Head of Hydrogen who shared with us how their company started, what they consider the biggest achievements, and some expectations for the future of Hydrogen.

Tell us how your company started & evolved into what it is today?

Partnered with Hydrogen Europe, the company over the past 5 years supported the industry’s transition towards a carbon-free future. Hydrogen production, storage and usage is a trailblazer, bridging the gap between conventional energy and a new vibrant energy mix.

Hydrogen presents a huge opportunity to continue the diversification of our energy mix, and with an estimated global value of £80Bn, stakeholders have begun scaling up across the value chain from industrial-scale production to networks of filling stations for HGV. The commitment from producers and consumers suggests that over 3MIL professionals will be working in the sector by 2050.

A boom in demand for professionals brings substantial problems for hydrogen’s new entrants, innovators, and established players. Our service spans the entire product value chain where we have carved a niche in the market, supplying key talent from the front end through to distribution networks.

We take a consultative approach to solving this problem and our dedicated search team seeks to take the stress away from this process by:

  • Trusted partnership with Hydrogen Europe
  • Referenced recruitment experience across production, storage, transportation, and usage
  • Experience working with companies that develop, engineer, construct, import, sell and buy Hydrogen. FEED to Freight.
  • Hydrogen-specific database with additional access to all search platforms from LinkedIn to personal networks.

Hydrogen Market Expertise:

  • The hydrogen desk at BOSS is structured to support the sector’s continued development. Innovation is prevalent across production and usage. Consultants specialize in three key areas; production, distribution and usage upheld by a market leading talent database:
    • CCSU
    • Blue Hydrogen
    • Green Hydrogen
    • Production and Electrolysis
    • Distribution and Pipelines
    • Mobility and Fuel Cells

What is your company’s biggest achievements and projects you’re currently working on?

Our biggest achievements to date have been the partnerships that we have formed with pioneering green hydrogen companies, in attracting industry-leading talent that in turn leads to the growth of their business. Good, well-delivered recruitment is vital to the development and growth of any business; making the right decision on the right person can catapult a business’ success. Across the value chain we have seen a meteoric rise in the demand for hydrogen talent, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best possible shortlist of candidates for any given role.

Whilst we cannot comment too much on the projects we’re involved with, what I can say is that we have seen a shift in demand from R&D to Operations, suggesting that the hydrogen economy is maturing. Projects are being executed that now require a successful operations team to manage their output of green hydrogen.

What is something most people don’t know about your company’s services?

Whilst most of our competitors pay lip service to the industry, we have dedicated headcount specialising in recruitment related to green hydrogen production, distribution, and usage. Therefore, we offer a market-leading candidate & client network that has helped businesess and job-seekers achieve their goals of going public, opening new regional hubs or accelerating JV partnerships, or finding their next employment opportunity.

What are you most looking forward to at World Hydrogen 2022?

The growth the industry as seen with very little F2F contact has been phenomenal. We’re looking to forward to meet and celebrate these achievements with all of our contacts in the industry, whilst using the event as a platform to continue our growth throughout 2022 and beyond.

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We’re delighted to welcome Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS) as an Exhibitor at World Hydrogen 2022. We met with Adamo Screnci, Deputy CEO who gave us an overview of the company, shared their biggest achievements and what their looking forward to at the event.

Tell us how your company started & evolved into what it is today?

Hydrogen Refueling Solutions (HRS) has become the leading French designer and manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations thanks to two specific areas of expertise required: first engineering, which guarantees the performances of the stations, since HRS  was originally specialised in complex industrial piping. Second, risk management, which ensures process safety. This double expertise is the result of 40 years of accumulated experience of the teams.

What is your company’s biggest achievement?

HRS’s biggest achievement is for sure its 97 million IPO in February 2021, the largest on Euronext growth, which has confirmed the company’s potential and its leading position on the French market. Now HRS intends to go further by accelerating the industrialisation of its production and investing in R&D to bring to market high-performance 2-tonne stations: at the end of 2021 HRS will lay the first stone of its new production site and the largest station research centre in Europe, with a capacity of 180 stations per year – i.e. three times the current capacity. It  is to be located at the French Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, close to Grenoble (Champagnier).

What is something most people don’t know about your company’s services?

Too many people – including sometimes public authorities – still do not realise that stations are a key element of the hydrogen value chain, even if manufacturing and deployment of stations pose challenges that impact the entire chain, especially as hydrogen mobility is to accelerate and heavy mobility is launched. By starting to produce stations adapted to the first vehicles concerned by hydrogen and by moving towards more efficient and high capacity stations, the HRS strategy is perfectly in line with the need to support the deployment of hydrogen mobility while keeping the production in Europe.

What are you most looking forward to at World Hydrogen 2022?

World Hydrogen 2022 is not an event like the others: it will be held in the Netherlands, the country that is most advanced in terms of hydrogen infrastructure and that has ambitions to make Rotterdam a hydrogen hub in Europe. Since stations are a key element of the distribution infrastructure, HRS will take advantage of this event to be part of such an ecosystem, which is key to scale up the hydrogen economy at European level.

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