Air Products has been a leading global producer of industrial gases for more than 80 years. With a strong focus on energy, environment and emerging markets, Air Products supplies essential industrial gases and related equipment to dozens of industries including refining, chemicals, metals, electronics and food and beverage.
Air Products is the world’s largest hydrogen producer. We believe that hydrogen, the most abundant of all elements, will be the solution – the future of energy. Through our partnerships we are already working towards a hydrogen-based world where hydrogen and fuel cell technology will play a central role in decarbonising heavy duty vehicles and industry. Air Products is active throughout the complete hydrogen value chain including production, distribution, storage and dispensing and has been at the forefront of hydrogen refuelling for decades. Air Products has experience with more than 250 hydrogen refuelling station projects in 20 countries. Air Products’ technologies are used in more than 1.5 million refuelling operations annually

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