Imagine.. Always Clean Energy
Imagine.. Green hydrogen being the most beneficial option

At Battolyser Systems we make this possible. We develop and manufacture the first integrated battery and electrolyser system, the “Battolyser” that can store electricity and produce hydrogen from renewable power to balance societal demand.

A Battolyser can store and supply electricity as a battery, and when it is fully charged, it automatically starts splitting water from the electrolyte into hydrogen and oxygen as an electrolyser. It can produce hydrogen when electricity prices are low and sell electricity when prices are high with an outstanding overall efficiency above 80%.

Our solution is an answer to both the increasing demand for green hydrogen and to short term balancing requirements in the grid that come from an increasing share of renewables in the fuel mix. This way the Battolyser facilitates the energy transition while generating revenue for its owner/operator.

First commercial demonstration units can be delivered in 2023 in The Netherlands followed by large scale commercial series production in 2024 onwards for global roll-out.

Battolyser B.V. is founded as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology in 2018, and is owned by its Founders and Koolen Industries and holds all related global patents and license rights.

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