Duiker Combustion Engineers is, for more than 50 years, specialized in developing, designing, supplying & servicing high quality & advanced combustion – and process equipment.

Duiker Combustion Engineers has developed its own ammonia cracking technology (Ammonia to Hydrogen Converter) with the aim of converting efficiently large amounts of ammonia into hydrogen at very low cost. Cracking ammonia costs energy because it is an endothermic process.
On a larger scale, this poses a challenge.

Where do you get the green energy from to crack ammonia on a large scale?

For this purpose, Duiker uses the energy that is stored in the ammonia itself.

Duiker can do this because it has developed its own combustion technology for the combustion of ammonia. This technology, called: Stoichiometric Controlled Oxidation, or SCO technology for short, is patented, highly scalable and has been commercially applied by Duiker since 2009.

The Ammonia Energy Association wrote an article about Duikers SCO technology:

Dutch Company Breaks New Ground in Ammonia Combustion

In addition, Duiker has the knowledge and expertise in the field of ammonia as an energy carrier, which enables Duiker to set up the endothermic ammonia cracking process very energy efficiently and to use residual heat flows in a smart way. This results in a very optimal cracking process in which the theoretically maximum achievable conversion of hydrogen from ammonia is very closely approached. These advantages of the Ammonia to Hydrogen Converter developed by Duiker are more apparent at larger scales.

With regard to scope, the Ammonia to Hydrogen Converter of Duiker includes the connection to the ammonia storage up to and including the delivery of hydrogen that meets the desired quality with regard to purity & pressure and has currently been developed to such an extent that offering and supplying this technology to clients is possible.

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