H2SEA is a privately-owned company providing the planning, design, construction and installation of green hydrogen platforms at sea.

The idea behind the H2SEA concepts, is to use offshore wind energy for hydrogen production and subsequently transport the hydrogen through pipelines to shore, either new or repurposed. This way, offshore energy transport is more cost effective and industrial clients can change from fossil carbons to green hydrogen.

H2SEA has already done extensive research regarding the economics and technical solutions that enable green hydrogen production at sea. Proudly we can present our platform concepts with capacities ranging from 50 to 400MW.

The driving forces behind H2SEA are offshore engineering firm Enersea and EPIC contractor HSM Offshore Energy. The engineers and consultants from Enersea are true designers of innovative renewable solutions. They joined forces with HSM Offshore Energy, which has an impressive track record of building platforms, substructures and modules for the upstream offshore energy sector.

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