H2Storage is a 100% Dutch company with highly experienced executives, from the energy, composites and automotive sectors, the driving force behind this successful start-up. Over the past 3 years, the founders have invested heavily in a product development process in which the products are developed and, of course, tested. By combining our years of experience gained from the energy, automobile and aviation sectors we developed a viable solution for long term energy storage. We have fulfilled an essential step towards a hydrogen economy by introducing the use of high pressure composite storage tanks to store hydrogen on a long term base and now have an alternative solution to store more hydrogen under high pressure in the whole supply chain, from production all the way till the end user. This can be realized by using type IV composite cylinders with working pressure of 700 bar and filling pressures up to at least 875 bar. H2Storage developed these lightweight composite high-pressure cylinders that are not only safe, but are also produced from recyclable material.

Currently we are fully involved in, among other things, the SHIP2DRIVE consortium, the realization of the sustainable inland vessel and the realization of a sustainable excavator.

Naturally, our role is to realize the most efficient storage and transport of hydrogen systems

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