Haskel, a business of the Precision and Science Technologies Segment at Ingersoll Rand, is the market leader in high-pressure fluid management, designing and manufacturing a range of products that enable the controlled use of high-pressure and flow-generating equipment, including pumps, gas boosters, air amplifiers and packaged systems.

Utilizing this technology, Haskel Hydrogen Systems supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility. Our innovative hydrogen fuelling solutions are the building blocks for successful refuelling. Cost-effective reproducible solutions include – Heavy Duty Vehicles & Buses, Light Duty Passenger Vehicles, Hydrogen Dispensing and Material Handling.

With over 75 years of expertise, Haskel’s leadership in the market is built on a reputation of safety, reliability, and the highest quality, providing equipment for critical applications in hydrogen, aviation, defence and aerospace, oil and gas, and other industries.

Working to develop and support the hydrogen mobility deployment globally, establishing joined up infrastructure and accelerating the transition to zero carbon transportation. Haskel components have been used in over 200 hydrogen refuelling projects around the world, including one of the world’s largest refuelling stations in China, built for the Olympics, and its refuelling stations are deployed globally fuelling a range of hydrogen vehicles.

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