HYGRO wants to accelerate the energy transition with green hydrogen. Our proven vision is that the synergy between wind, solar, direct electrolysis and pipelines can double the yield of sustainable energy.

And at lower cost compared to electricity.

When we use hydrogen as the primary energy carrier throughout the value chain, we can deliver that hydrogen, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantities and at the lowest possible cost to the end user. That is why HYGRO develops, builds and operates a sustainable and integrated supply chain. This way we ensure efficient production, smart distribution and satisfied end users of green hydrogen.

We offer our customers an integrated approach & system design services, co-development, hydrogen production, and maintenance and operation.

HYGRO is involved in several development projects, where hydrogen directly generated from wind is applied. Often it concerns the design of a new (offshore) wind farm with green hydrogen production or a retrofit & repowering project of an existing wind farm. HYGRO also advises clients in turbine selection as our solution is turbine independent. We are also involved in the early stages of organising the marketing of the green hydrogen. This often turns out to be the key to a successful project. The matching of supply and demand is essential.

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