In the Northern Netherlands we have a unique mix of companies, governments and educational institutions working together towards making the energy transition happen. The New Energy Coalition (NEC) has set up ‘Heavenn’, the first Hydrogen Valley in the world. The Northern Netherlands were awarded the status of Hydrogen Valley by the EU because all the requirements for producing green hydrogen are already in place. Green energy sources such as wind and solar power, infrastructure including storage to transport hydrogen from production site to end users and a chemical industry that needs hydrogen to make its production processes sustainable.

In a place where there is green growth it is important to make sure that everybody can benefit from it. To make this happen, Impact Hydrogen has developed a business model where a part of the revenue of the produced hydrogen flows back into the local community, so that the sustainable development goals can be reached and are imbedded in creating green growth.

Finally, HyNorth is founded as transformation & coordination office to lead the efforts to achieve the Northern Netherlands strategic hydrogen objectives and drives best-practices across the ecosystem. HyNorth brings in knowledge on how to link new partners, projects and businesses to this existing collaborating network.

This strengthens and enhances the eco-system of the Hydrogen valley. Together we provide the blueprint and expertise that can be exported to other regions in the rest of the world.

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