At Johnson Matthey, our vision is for a world that’s cleaner and healthier, for today’s and future generations. Our strategy for growth mirrors society’s need to decarbonise and create a more circular economy while managing the transitions needed to reach net zero. And it’s an approach we apply to our own business: we want to lead in sustainability.

We are helping our customers address the four essential transitions the world needs for a sustainable future: Driving down transport emissions, transforming our energy systems, decarbonising chemicals production and creating a truly circular economy. Using our cutting-edge science to create solutions with our customers that make a real difference to the world around us. Through continued investment in class-leading research and development, we’re tackling the world’s big challenges into our third century and beyond.

The hydrogen market is not new to us – we have been a leader in hydrogen activities for two decades, our offer today includes components for hydrogen fuel cells, catalyst coated membranes (CCMs) for green hydrogen production, and new technologies to produce Low Carbon Hydrogen, or blue hydrogen as well as market leading hydrogen production catalysts and processes for grey hydrogen.

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