NanoScent, founded in 2017 by Oren Gavriely and Eran Rom, is a startup that provides scent recognition solutions for food & beverage, and chemical & energy, and healthcare industries for quality control and process monitoring.

During the pandemic, NanoScent focused on identifying COVID-19 through breath which led to many technological breakthroughs such as measuring VOCs at the parts per billion (PPB) level and detecting aldehydes at high sensitivity and specificity.

Currently, NanoScent is developing the VOCID® platform for various applications and industries, all of which are at different stages of development.

Through this journey, NanoScent has received $10 million through equity partners, such as strategic partners Dreamtech and Sumitomo Chemical, and $9 million in non-dilutive funding through grants from the European Innovation Council and the Israel Innovation Authority, as well as projects with Fortune 500 Companies.

​NanoScent does all the sensor design and development in-house, including the elements relating to the sensors, such as how the air moves into the system. Large scale manufacturing is in the plans with our partners, Sumitomo Chemicals and DreamTech.

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