NEWES B.V. in the Netherlands and Belgium known as the largest maintenance specialist for boiler and furnace installations has developed a modular electrolyser that produces hydrogen directly under high pressure upto 350 bar.
This unique technology for Ultra High Pressure (up to 350bar) Alkaline Electrolysis is suitable for producing hydrogen at high pressure without the use of compressors and gas drying system, with a small footprint, modular (modules of ca. 1.000kWe) and easily scalable for various applications and flexible load operations.
With this compact cost-effective electrolyser, green hydrogen can be produced from sustainably generated electricity, which can be used to replace natural gas or gray hydrogen produced from natural gas to reduce CO2 emissions.
This modular electrolyser is built out of modules of 1.000kWe up to a total capacity of ca. 25.000kWe and can supply hydrogen up to a pressure of 350 bar, without the use of compressors.
Advantages of the NEWES system:
Hydrogen production up to 350 bar without dryer & compressor
30% lower capex investment
Compact and modulair design
High efficiency
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