The province of Zuid-Holland is one of Europe’s top regions in terms of economic and social potential: an innovative metropolitan delta, comprising mainport Rotterdam, greenports for vegetables, flower bulbs and trees, knowledge-intensive businesses, universities and knowledge institutes, as well as highly urbanised, rural, agricultural and recreational areas, and nature.

Zuid-Holland strives to become Europe’s real-life testing ground for innovation in fields such as the transition to a circular economy, reliable and clean transport, the protection of a densely populated delta against river and sea water, and the challenges related to feeding our cities.
The province of Zuid-Holland operates on behalf of the community of Zuid-Holland. In our society there are social challenges which run parallel to cross-border obstacles and chances. The unit European and International Affairs (EU-IA) represents the province’s interests in Europe and beyond. Our extensive international networks, expertise of lobby and knowledge of European subsidies contribute to reaching common goals. Within the complex European system we form alliances between European and Zuid-Holland partners in order to support them in solving mutual challenges.

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