At SALDtech, we believe that our Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (S-ALD) technology can support the quest for a sustainable planet and the development of better, cheaper and higher-performing materials for the hydrogen, battery, fuel cell, display and solar markets.

By commercializing the S-ALD technology, we provide state-of-the-art lab and fab equipment for our customers to design and mass-produce the next-generation energy- and display devices with a highly reduced use of scarce materials while maintaining excellent performance.

The products of SALDtech support the quest of de-carbonization challenge by offering a LabLine series that enables researchers to develop electrolyzers that require less scares materials like Iridium and Platinum, support the development of next generation batteries by applying thinner and stable layers to increase the number of loading cycles and increased energy density and can increase the efficiency of fuel cells by state of the art coatings on bi-polar plates.
Next to the supporting the green challenges the equipment of SALDtech is used in optimizing OLED-displays, flexible electronics, yield improvement photovoltaic panels and many other applications.

The product range of SALDtech will enable its customers to scale from lab to fab applications seamless and offers next to the high quality products an experienced team that is available for process design, application support and yield/performance management.

SALDtech, founded in 2018 as a spin-off of TNO, the Netherlands Organization of Applied Research.
The company holds a leading position as OEM in the market of industrial thin film deposition systems.

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