XODUS PARTNERSHIP WITH UNIQUE METALS TO DELIVER A FIRST OF ITS KIND HYDROGEN PROJECT IN AUSTRALIA. Xodus is a Global Integrated Energy service provider with over 1000 employees, of which over 100 are based in Australia. In Australia, Xodus is undertaking a number of key projects from their Perth office in Western Australia. Project MercurHy, a Consortium led by Xodus is developing a 1GW Renewable Hydrogen production plant. The Renewable Hydrogen production plant will be capable of producing 146,000 tons hydrogen per year. Unique HyMetals is a commercial scale Hydrogen Hybrid Energy System (HHES). The commercial scale HHES will include hydrogen production, oxygen usage and refuelling. The Matador Hydrogen Refuelling Station is a project led by Xodus, Matador Capital will design, build, and operate a 28-vehicle FCEV Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) to be collocated at an existing refuelling site in Perth. Under all three phases, the partners are targeting 6 HRS and 168 vehicles by 2027. In partnership with Frontier Energy, Xodus will design and develop a 1GW Renewable Energy System and a 1GW Hydrogen Export Plant by expanding the Wagerup solar farm to 1,000MW to renewable electricity and supply renewable energy to the 1,000MW Hydrogen production plant.

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