Raj Sharma - Director - Rhizome Energy Limited

Raj Sharma

Rhizome Energy Limited

Raj Sharma has many years of experience in energy sector projects, working under roles from engineering to management of multi-million dollar process packages for international projects. He is a team player who engages all team members effectively to achieve the best results in a project.

Raj is the Managing Director of Rhizome Energy Limited, an engineering consultancy company working in the energy sector. The company has developed Hydrogen Refuelling Station, ZEPHYR, under Rhizome2 (see www.rhizome2.com). ZEPHYR stations are the complete package to facilitate onsite green hydrogen production to refuel the hydrogen vehicles, in the most reliable and efficient manner.

The team at Rhizome is committed to the transition towards a zero-emission future, with innovation in design and reliability of operations.

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