Roy Campe - Chief Technology Officer - CMB.TECH

Roy Campe

Chief Technology Officer

Within the CMB group I am responsible for CMB.TECH, the Cleantech division which holds 40 highly skilled engineers specialized in low carbon solutions. Next to the team management and business development, I have an active role in following projects:
➢Development of a dual use (marine & public transport) hydrogen refuelling station with a 1.2MW PEM electrolyser and tube trailer filling within the Port of Antwerp
➢Hydrotug: Hydrogen powered 65ton bollard pull tractor tug for Port of Antwerp
➢Hydrogen Power Barge: A barge equipped mono fuel hydrogen combustion engines to supply ships with clean energy during the port stay
➢Cleanergy Namibia: Development of a large energy hub comprising a 1GW PV farm, 800MW H2electrolyser and a NH3production plant of 1 million ton a year.
➢Hydrobingo: The first hydrogen powered80pax ferry for Japanese coastal waters

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