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2nd World Hydrogen Summit

Accelerating Hydrogen Policy, Strategy & Projects

9–10 March 2021

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The World Hydrogen Summit Returns as a Virtual Summit in 2021

After the successful launch in March 2020 which reached beyond expectations, the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) are delighted to welcome you once again to the 2nd World Hydrogen Summit taking place virtually on 9-10 March 2021.


At this second edition you can expect:

    • The World Hydrogen Awards
    • Bigger Governmental Presence
    • Heightened Focus on Hydrogen Industry Leaders
    • Extended B2B Networking Opportunities
    • Sharper Commercial Insight
    • A Stronger Driving Force Towards a Cleaner Future


2020 was the first year of the alleged decade of Hydrogen, however, unprecedented events rippled through global markets in ways that none could have predicted.

Recent Green Recovery Announcements, National Energy Strategies and the prospect of a European Green Deal have all brought Hydrogen back into focus as a key enabler in the race for carbon neutrality, and Hydrogen has held on to its place as a turnkey element in the imperative for climate, energy and economic resilience.

With this renewed relevance, the second edition of the Summit will gather global  Government, industry and research experts all in one place with each session designed to facilitate intensive analysis, planning, networking, consolidation and debate in order to harness Hydrogen’s potential. 

Join us in March to meet with current and future Hydrogen stakeholders and together shape our sustainable energy futures.


“The line up of speakers was impressive and very informative also for someone who follows the topics every day”

Eva Hennnig, Head of EU Energy Policy, Thüga AG

Key Hydrogen Themes to be Addressed in 2021

Progress in Supply Chains & Trade

Infrastructure & Applications in Latest Projects & Consortia

Hydrogen Policy & Governance Updates

Adaptations in Hydrogen Financing & Economic Recovery


Hydrogen Decarbonisation – Grey, Blue & Green Hydrogen Market Advances

New Strides in Hydrogen Mobility

Latest in Gigawatt capacity & Renewable Technology

Hydrogen Production Cost Fall Analysis

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Watch Hydrogen Leaders Sharing their Industry Expectations


H.E. João Galamba
Deputy Minister & Secretary of State for Energy

Mr Christian Weinberger
Senior Advisor – Advanced Industrial Technologies / Hydrogen Coordinator
European Commission

Mr. Didier Stevens
Senior Manager – European & Government Affairs
Toyota Motor Europe

The World Hydrogen Summit Aims to:

  • Establish a role for hydrogen in long-term international energy strategies
  • Eliminate unnecessary regulatory barriers and harmonise policy standards
  • Engage internationally and track progress – Hydrogen’s complex supply chains mean governments, companies, communities and civil society need to consult regularly
  • Encourage the sharing of good practices and cross border infrastructure
  • Stimulate commercial demand for clean hydrogen
  • Address investment risks and routes to avoid the valley of death
  • Support R&D to bring down costs

  • Demonstrate real-world pilots and at scale demonstrations to support the development of policy, business cases, technology, consumer confidence and build supply chain capacity
  • Capture the potential of key markets leading the Hydrogen revolution
  • Support high quality jobs which will require highly skilled and trained workers, as well as export opportunities for growing international markets
  • Understand where and how to leverage the power of low-carbon hydrogen to carve out a position for your company in a fast-growing market

Governments & Ministries We've Worked With Include:

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Meet & Partner with International Hydrogen Leaders at the Summit

Get in touch with our team to participate as a speaker, partner or attendee at the Summit, please contact Rob Arthur on +44 20 7978 0095 or email Hydrogen@sustainableenergycouncil.com

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