Hans Vrijenhoef - EVP President Elect - Ammonia Energy Association

Hans Vrijenhoef

EVP President Elect
Ammonia Energy Association

Hans Vrijenhoef, born in Rotterdam in 1958, studied chemical engineering at the Technical university Delft and Graduated in 1982. After various jobs in the Exxon Mobil and Kemira’s large scale ammonia and fertiliser operations in Rotterdam Europoort, he started Proton Ventures BV in 2001, with the aim to green society by using green ammonia. Having several jobs in ammonia large scale ammonia storage projects ( up to 60000 ton), Proton Ventures has developed a scalable modular ammonia production concept based on renewable energy, flared gasses and waste gasses. Also Proton has been involved in various Denox ,Hydrochloric acid, urea and nitric acid projects in Europe, Africa, Middle east and North America.

As part of the public acceptance for Green ammonia, Hans has been organising the yearly NH3events Europe conference in Rotterdam in the last 5 years reaching out to some 150-200 participants in previous editions.

Today Proton Ventures is part of the Transhydrogen Alliance in which Proton plays an important role to secure green energy (hydrogen/ammonia) for western Europe.

Hans Vrijenhoef did invest in Battolyser technology and was the CEO of the TUDelft Spin-off since 2018 till 2021. Today Battolyser BV is focusing on over 100 MW of Battolysers to supply annually towards the market as of 2025.

Hans Vrijenhoef has been and continues to be involved in all feasible projects to realise his ambition to green society, making use of renewable energy as much as possible on an affordable way

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