Explore the previous winners of the prestigious World Hydrogen Awards

2023 Award Winners:

Timo Bollerhey
CEO, H2Global

Ivo Bols
President Europe & Africa, Air Products

Kiruthika Sadagopan
Lead-Green Hydrogen Business Strategy, Reliance Industries Limited

Val Miftakhov
Founder & CEO, ZeroAvia

Nico Van Dooren
Head of Business Development, Port of Rotterdam

Ursula von der Leyen
President of the European Commission

2022 Award Winners:

We are most happy to receive the green project award of this year I think it’s a good reference for people and hopefully an inspiration, in order to respond to the short-term needs of green energy.

Ivo Bols
President Europe & Africa, Air Products

I feel really proud to get this prize and getting this recognition by colleagues in this field of hydrogen. We are really accelerating this hydrogen economy. We set up the vision and we are now working on realising that vision.

Randolf Weterings
Program Manager Electrification and Hydrogen, Port of Rotterdam

We made a major step into the hydrogen economy and my job was to make this possible and if you get a recognition for this hard work it’s so important for the sector, it brings us all together. Please continue to work on sustainable energy and thanks very much for the award.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
CEO, Hydrogen Europe

It is a great honour for us to receive this award and thank you very much to the Sustainable Energy Council and the World Hydrogen Summit for recognising our work.  The signs are very clear, we are in a climate emergency and we need to decarbonise as fast as possible.  We are working intensely on this, and we have a goal of net zero operations in 2040 and also ambitious goals set for 2030.

Berit Hinnemann
Director, Head of Decarbonisation Business Development, Maersk

… a recognition of the huge amount of potential that we see in decarbonising the port industrial facilities and addressing the climate change issues and challenges.

Allard Castelein
Chief Executive Officer, Port of Rotterdam Authority

Parker Meeks
President and Interim CEO, Hyzon Motors

2021 Award Winners:

“I hope that our project is going to be a milestone to create a new market for a global hydrogen economy and create an avalanche of other projects which finally make this something which is sustainable and doesn’t need any subsidies.“

Roland Kaeppner
Executive Director of Hydrogen & Green Fuels NEOM

World Hydrogen 2021 Awards Industrial Application Winner - Star Scientific

“…the hydrogen energy release optimizer or HERO […] allows us to make saturated steam for energy production, or in fact, any sort of heat driven energy production; be it in industry, be it in food, or be it in mass energy production. […] It is important that everybody who put in for this award keep driving innovation. That’s exactly start scientific, will do.”

Andrew Horvath
Global Group Chairman Star Scientific

“It’s a really exciting time to be working on hydrogen and energy right now, and I think the key to success is collaboration and it’s encouraging to see commitment from government and industry to work together to drive innovations, from concept to demonstrations. A lot has already been achieved in a short space of time, but there’s still much to do and certainly no time to waste…”

Heidi Genoni
Programme & Project Manager, Hydrogen & Energy Advisory ARUP

“…in Rotterdam we’re trying to make a great effort to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and to help society at large to reach its climate goals. We’re doing so with an ambitious programme, almost a road map to be carbon neutral in 2050. We’re not only active regarding hydrogen, but also with CCS, residual heat networks, electrification, and circularity.”

Allard Castelein
Chief Executive Officer Port of Rotterdam Authority

“Hydrogen is such a dynamic topic right now, so many things are happening. And this year will certainly be a year, where again a lot of progress on hydrogen will be made, despite the difficult times with COVID”

Noé van Hulst
Chair at IPHE Hydrogen Advisor to IEA & Gasunie

“A 90% reduction in transport emission is a must to achieve the Green Deal objectives of carbon neutrality by 2050. H2Haul is contributing to this objective by deploying hydrogen Trucks and infrastructure in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. What does it mean in practice? No CO2 emissions, no particle matter while keeping operational flexibility with no impact on payload, range and refueling time.”

Sabrine Skiker
EU Policy Manager Hydrogen Europe

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