The World Hydrogen 2022 Award Nominations are Now Open

The World Hydrogen 2022 Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements from companies and individuals who are driving the hydrogen industry forward. Their accomplishments deserve well-rounded recognition, and many others will build on their successes for years to come.

The 6 winners will be announced at the highly anticipated World Hydrogen 2022 Awards Ceremony & Dinner on 8 March, attended in-person by Summit Delegates including global energy Ministers, CEOs, industry stakeholders and key representatives from the entire hydrogen value chain. Find out about sponsorship opportunities and table bookings, get in touch with our team for more information.

Join us on the 8th March 2022 as we celebrate a winner in each of the following categories:

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We invite you to submit your nomination for a winner in each category. Take this opportunity to shine light on your own company’s achievements or put the spotlight on a key project that has made an outstanding impact. Nominations will close on 16 January, so don’t delay, have your say today!

Congratulations to the World Hydrogen 2021 Awards Winners!

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World Hydrogen Awards Criteria

The Green Hydrogen Project is awarded to a company from the hydrogen industry that has excelled in the previous 12 months making significant commercial or technical contributions to the electrolysis or green hydrogen business in one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovation and Green Hydrogen Solutions – through innovation of existing solutions, the project is making a key impact in the energy transition and implementing new effective strategies on the ground
  • Cutting Edge Technology – the project has made an outstanding contribution to the processes of the green hydrogen value chain and shown itself to be a technology leader
  • Nurturing Talent – through development of people and knowledge, this project is contributing to the expansion of green hydrogen developments through technical know-how, technology transfer and nurturing talent

Hydrogen’s potential is immense and so are the industrial applications. The Industrial Application is awarded to a company that, over the previous 12 months, has made positive commercial or technical contributions to the use of hydrogen and its industrial applications, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Technology Solutions – the organisation has developed a leading technology or solutions which will accelerate hydrogen’s industrial application
  • Efficiency – a company promoting efficiency and excellency in hydrogen’s applications at a large scale
  • Industrial Application for Decarbonisation – a company which over the last 12 months stood out at the forefront of hydrogen usage for industrial applications and decarbonisation

The Future Hydrogen Leader Award will go to an individual under 35 years of age, who is working on hydrogen cutting edge projects, technologies or strategies and is recognised as being a hydrogen champion with a bright future in leading hydrogen advancements.

The Port of the Future is awarded to a Port which has current hydrogen projects in place and has made a significant contribution to the crucial role of becoming a hub for hydrogen development and sustainability, as well as connecting the hydrogen value chain at a global level, in one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovation – through commercial or technological innovation and creativity, the organisation has made an valuable impact to the industry
  • Hydrogen Hubs – the Port has made an outstanding contribution to the industry, positioning itself as a hydrogen hub in the global value chain
  • Decarbonisation Leader – the Port is leading the way for substantial decarbonisation through the development of strategies and projects utilising hydrogen

The Hydrogen Transport is awarded to a company which has significant hydrogen achievements in the transport sector and has done outstanding work over the past 12 months to advance hydrogen technologies in the transportation and mobility business in one or more of the following areas:

  • Innovation – through innovation and technology advancements, the organisation has made a positive impact to hydrogen mobility and transportation
  • Technology – the organisation has made an outstanding contribution to the transportation industry and shown to be an industry leader in hydrogen transport technologies
  • Scalability – a project or company which has significantly contributed to the scale up of hydrogen in the transportation sector

The Person of the Year will be awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development and future of the hydrogen industry through their leadership or innovative solutions to the sector which have made a significant impact over the last 12 months for hydrogen deployment around the globe.

Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?
Any individual can nominate a project, company or another individual. You can nominate yourself, the company you work for company or your project.

Who can be nominated?
Some award categories refer to a person – the Person of the Year and the Woman in Hydrogen – and others to companies or projects. All nominations must be related to the hydrogen industry and persons working within the industry. See the Awards Criteria above for more information.

How are the winners selected?
Once nominations close, the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board will review the nominations. The Board will debate all entries on merit and then vote on each category to select the 2022 award winners.

When will the winners be announced?
All the winners will be announced at the World Hydrogen 2022 Awards Ceremony on the 8th March 2022, which is taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands as part of the World Hydrogen 2022 Summit & Exhibition.

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