Arthur is Director and owner of Adsensys. Adsensys exists since 2010 and focused on selling sensors solutions and building Pilot Plants in the sustainable sector. From that moment on the first steps were already taken towards building Hydrogen Solutions and since 2014 the first Hydrogen was already being produced at the Pilot Plant in Rozenburg set up by Adsensys.

At the end of 2021, Arthur decided to shift the focus completely to scalable hydrogen solutions. We don’t need to explain to anyone that in the spring of 2022 the energy transition gained momentum.  2022 was the year that Adsensys was allowed to develop herself as specialist in customized hydrogen solutions and as a knowledge partner in the field of hydrogen capabilities.

Arthur and Adsensys are far from finished developing because with “Hydrogen must be accessible to everyone” as our mission, we still have a long, interesting, educational road ahead.

We can’t wait for what wonderful developments await us next! Are You Ready?

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