Mayor Alanna Hnatiw - Mayor - Sturgeon County

Mayor Alanna Hnatiw

Sturgeon County

Edmonton Region Hydrogen Hub

Speaker at:

  • Building the Edmonton Region’s Hydrogen Value Chain through a Hub-Based Approach
The Chair of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB and a board member of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA).  Mayor  Alanna Hnatiw is an energy champion, who is committed to an energy evolution that works for rural and indigenous communities.
At the heart of Mayor Hnatiw’s leadership is a collaborative governance approach, ensuring that diverse voices contribute to the region’s growth, while respecting the history shared.  With a focus on planned development, she envisions thriving communities within the County that balance economic prosperity with environmental consciousness.
Whether it is advocating for residents at home or leading the charge for energy, Mayor Hnatiw exemplifies a leadership style that is both visionary and rooted in the well-being of the people who live in Alberta.

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