Monica Swanson - Program Manager International Hydrogen - Port of Rotterdam

Monica Swanson

Program Manager International Hydrogen
Port of Rotterdam

Panelist at:

  • Session 2: Creating Hydrogen Supply Chains within Africa

Ms. Monica Swanson is a member of the International Team at Port of Rotterdam and has for the last three-and-a-half years been responsible for setting up the Port of Rotterdam’s global hydrogen import program with specific attention to a number of regions in the world; building and managing strategic coalitions, often in the framework of country-to-country relations. All with the aim of establishing reliable and lasting sources of hydrogen, working with public and private officials. Her regions: Latin and Northern America, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and the Republic of South Africa. The overarching aim of her work being to establish corridors for making hydrogen supply meet with high demand areas in the Port’s NW European hinterland. Matchmaking with off-takers and keeping an eye on total supply is also part of the work.

Monica is in the lead for a number of supply chain and port development projects, working with private companies, sometimes with government officials and, of course, ports, where the port hopes to establish the first liquid hydrogen corridors to Rotterdam.  In Africa she worked with the African Hydrogen Partnership when it was wanting to formalize the initiative, joining it as a supporting external partner. She currently has a priority focus on projects in Morocco and South-Africa, on the Iberian Peninsula and in Canada – while keeping an eye on new developments, such as in Mauritania, or India.

Ms. Swanson works with a team of highly motivated colleagues to achieve the above. Prior to joining the hydrogen team, Ms. Swanson specialized in the digitization of the maritime supply chain (i.e. digitization of ports) for Port of Rotterdam and, prior to that, worked in global account management, advisory positions and as a manager and project manager, mainly in technically oriented environments. Her original University degree, is in English Renaissance Literature.

Port of Rotterdam is among the top 10 ports of the world and the largest port of Europe. It is the  gateway port for many traded goods into Europe, reaching > 500 million consumer within 24 hours.

It is also a major Energy hub for Europe, receiving some 13% of the total energy consumption for Europe and reaching some 40% of EU Industrial end users for their energy needs. It is known for its high quality hinterland logistics, its deep water accessibility, its efficiency and port infrastructure. Port of Rotterdam, on request, provides port advisory services to governments and public/private port companies, in some cases opting to co-invest. As the hydrogen hub for its region, it is looking to connect globally to ensure supplies of hydrogen are connected with the customers in the demand areas Rotterdam services.

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