At the largest & most senior global hydrogen event, we spoke to the world’s hydrogen and energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry, including David Crane, Formerly the Director of the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations but currently the Under Secretary of Infrastructure at the U.S. Department Of Energy.

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“I’m David crane I’m the director of the office of clean energy demonstration at the United States Department of energy and I came here to talk about hydrogen.

Well hydrogen famously has been called The Swiss army knife of energy. The importance of hydrogen is it can be used both for stationary energy in the form of it’s basically stored electricity it can also be used for transportation and for industrial processes so it basically can do everything and the importance of hydrogen is, done right, hydrogen could become 20 percent of the global fuel mix and it could it could satisfy the energy demand for the most difficult parts of the energy mix to decarbonize.

The momentum we have right now is huge in Europe and in North America other parts of the world people are moving, the production is being set up for a dramatic increase in the production of grey hydrogen which is the traditional way that hydrogen is made but clean hydrogen from from blue to green.

Well the World Hydrogen Summit, the hydrogen itself is a very complicated fuel value chain and it’s Global and the hydrogen Summit bringing people working across the value chain all in one spot once a year to compare notes it’s absolutely essential to the fast progress of hydrogen because if you think about it hydrogen is may be considered an immature technology in the energy world but the key to go from immature to mature is a quick exchange of information so the fear of the unknown is diminished.

The summit and exhibition help immensely because of course their speakers on stage who provide current updates on what’s going on in different parts of the world and this hydrogen Revolution is going to be private sector-led so the exhibition where entrepreneurs and innovators come with solutions that solve problems in the hydrogen value chain it’s absolutely essential

My key message being here on behalf of the United States government is that while Europe has led on hydrogen in the last year, year and a half, the American government has taken steps to make sure that we’re a full partner of Europe in this and we will be moving in North America at the same Pace as they’re moving in Europe. 

Keep going it’s just that what this organization is doing and organizing this events and others like it is again it’s a key part of the connective tissue information exchange so just keep doing it you early and often.”

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