The official hydrogen event in Rotterdam spoke to the world’s hydrogen and energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry, including the President & CEO of The Port of Rotterdam, Allard Castelein, following him picking up the Port of the Future award.

Port of Rotterdam has just won the World Hydrogen Port of the Future Award. How do you feel? 

It feels slightly awkward to be awarded with best ports at this juncture. But also, a recognition of the huge amount of potential that we see in decarbonizing the fourth industrial facilities collaborating with important customers, international renowned companies that all aspire to the same goal, energy, security and addressing the climate change issues and challenge. 

What companies are you interested in collaborating with to achieve this? 

We need to collaborate with many likeminded. I don’t believe in the coalition of all the mother of all coalitions. I believe in coalitions that are fit for purpose. So, we collaborate with the likes of Shell and Air Liquide, air products but also with the Dutch government but also with the European Commission and or with important customers in Northland, Westphalia and important area we supply with energy sources. So, we collaborate with both companies, enterprises, public and private. That seeks to make a difference regarding the challenges we’re facing. 

As we have a look in the future, what amazing steps are you going to take next? 

Well, the amazing steps that we seek to make is reduce our emission profile by 55% in 2030 and be fully climate neutral in 2050. And for a large industrial facility and operations we currently run with a huge footprint in the area of CO2, and thus on the climate. That is a challenge that is not ever ever before being addressed successfully. 

So, if I take a short term view, it’s making projects come to financial investment decision. If I take a slightly midterm view it will be a significant reduction of 55% in 2030. If I take a 2015 view, it would be a climate neutral environment with a continued impact relevance. 585,000 jobs are being created through the port industrial facilities. $62 billion is being created so that relevance to prosperity and wellbeing is something I aspire to achieve. 

How does this event help you achieve those goals? 

It’s great fun to be somewhere in person again. After two years we have a screen right and Teams worked well but having an opportunity to engage with people, have short conversations, build on each other’s comments be it well thought through or flippant. Both are equally of value, and it generates energy to address particularly difficult questions. 

What message would you give organisations and teams around the world? 

So, if there was to be one message. I will give the message I give frequently that is, yes, there’s a huge amount of questions issues that are not known we find difficult to assess, but my belief is strongly that you should be on the pitch. You should want to play the game. And by playing the game you will co create the rules by which the game should be played in order to be successful. 

So don’t wait, sit back behind your spreadsheets until all the answers are being given. Then you’ll be too late. Join us on the journey to make it happen. 

Produced by the Sustainable Energy Council in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam and the Province of Zuid Holland, the global event welcomes 8000 industry professionals, 170+ Speakers, 350 Exhibitors and 50 sponsors to share latest news, establish key connections and sign business deals to accelerate the deployment of the hydrogen economy. Register your place among hydrogen pioneers:

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