The official hydrogen event in Rotterdam spoke to the world’s hydrogen and energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry, including the CEO of Gasunie, Han Fennema.

What message did you share with the audience? 

I think infrastructure is very important as an enabler to connect supply with demand, and we are there to prepare the infrastructure in the Netherlands and Germany as Gasunie 

What is the biggest priority to realise a hydrogen economy? 

I think currently at this moment in time, I think the highest priority is getting rid of the dependency of Russian gas. So, for Gasunie, that means that first we work on LNG, import extra LNG. But, actually, it’s very important to create more hydrogen to create other green molecules for society and to get rid of dependency of Russia. But even more important to become net zero as soon as possible, net zero in this world.  

What is your key takeaway from the panel discussion you participated in?  

I think that the key takeaway for me from the panel discussion is that hydrogen development is going much quicker than anticipated two or three years ago, and it is really taking off now. 

Why is the World Hydrogen Summit & Exhibition unique? 

I think it’s always very inspiring for me as an infrastructure guy to be here with demand supply and get all the enthusiasm about the hydrogen and all the combined forces to accelerate the development. 

What is your key message to audiences world-wide? 

My key message is I think we have a responsibility as society, as humans individually to grow for net zero as soon as possible and everybody personally can make a contribution. You also can make a contribution. 

Produced by the Sustainable Energy Council in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, the City of Rotterdam and the Province of Zuid Holland, the global event welcomes 8000 industry professionals, 170+ Speakers, 350 Exhibitors and 50 sponsors to share latest news, establish key connections and sign business deals to accelerate the deployment of the hydrogen economy. Register your place among hydrogen pioneers:

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