The official hydrogen event in Rotterdam spoke to the world’s hydrogen and energy leaders about the future outlook for the hydrogen industry. During our World Hydrogen Awards ceremony, we spoke with the CEO of Hydrogen Europe Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, following him picking up the World Hydrogen Person of the Year award.

Congratulations on the World Hydrogen Person of the Year award! Can you tell us why you’ve won? 

I have been awarded as the personality of the year in hydrogen because we made last year as an association and as Europe, a major step into the hydrogen economy. And my job was to make this possible and I owe this to my members, my team and this is why I’m here. 

How does it feel to get this recognition? 

It feels really good because Hydrogen business is still in a startup mode and people who work in the startup mode. They work hard and if you get a recognition for this hard work. It’s a nice feeling. I mean in the end we are all human, and that’s a typical human reaction to feel nice when you are rewarded for your hard work. 

Is there anyone you would like to mention in this recognition? 

Well, first of all we need to thank Rotterdam because here we see already how a hydrogen economy can look like in the future. So, we owe very much to Dutch people who are front runners in hydrogen and especially to the port of Rotterdam which is a very instrumental element and member of hydrogen Europe. 

Second, I would like to thank my members. Hydrogen Europe as of today has 371 members. It’s now growing. It’s getting not only corporate members, but also regions. And I could imagine that the 1st regional board member that we will announce second-half of this year is a Dutch. 

And 3rd, I would really like to thank my team. I’m heading a team of roughly 40 people, and I owe to them respect because they are working the same hard as I try to work. And I have to say it shows because we can deliver, and that’s very, very important. 

What are your plans to continue working on the future of hydrogen? 

So, the war in Ukraine has changed a lot because it accelerates things that were foreseen for the next 10 years. Now we have to do it already in five or even in three years. So, our job is now very much influenced by this speed, by the pressure that is on our shoulders. But we love it. And this is the next thing to do. All the plans we had will now be implemented very, very soon, and that’s a positive pressure that brings us into a flow a flow of hydrogen. 

Any final messages you would like to share? 

Dear Sustainable energy council. 

I have to tell you that. This event here the first after the long pandemic is so important for the sector. 

It brings us all together, we see people, live and in person that we haven’t seen for quite some while or never before, just digital. It’s great to do the next steps. Please continue to organize these wonderful events. Please continue to work on sustainable energy. And thanks very much for the award. 

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