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Hydrogen Europe – Different Energy Carriers Require Separate Systems of Guarantees of Origin

Published July 2021 by Hydrogen Europe

Key Recommendations

1. Create a distinct hydrogen GO, separate from electricity and gas.

2. Encourage the use of GOs in addition to PPAs to prove the renewable character and CO2 intensity of the electricity procured for the production of renewable hydrogen.

3. Initiate the development of a global system for Hydrogen Guarantees of Origin (HGOs), with track-and-trace and auditing functionality.

4. Set clear ground rules that avoid false or misleading claims. Enable the cancellation of H2 GOs, and the issuance of a natural gas GO when physical volumes are blended.

Hydrogen has seen unprecedented momentum and is fast becoming a systemic element in the EU’s transition towards a climate-neutral society in 2050. It will become the other leg of the energy transition – alongside renewable electricity – by replacing unabated fossil fuels and ensuring greater systemic synergies. Clean hydrogen[1] is not the backdoor to the continued use of unabated fossil fuels, nor is it the trojan horse of the natural gas industry greenwashing its way towards competitive markets.

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