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World Hydrogen 2022 At A Glance:

3 Full Days of Hydrogen Insights & Networking

Access the Latest Insights Directly from Global Hydrogen Leaders

The World Hydrogen 2022 Summit Programme

All timings CET


Welcome & Registration


Site Visits to Hydrogen Projects within Rotterdam

Visit in person and learn how the Port of Rotterdam is working to become a major hydrogen hub attracting several industries and playing a major role in the green energy transition.


Awards Ceremony & Dinner
Awards Sponsored by Royal Dutch Shell

The World Hydrogen 2022 Awards will once again celebrate the exceptional achievements from companies and individuals who are driving the hydrogen industry forward. Their accomplishments deserve well-rounded recognition, and many others will build on their successes for years to come. We look forward to welcoming our 2021 winners to award and celebrate next year’s hydrogen industry leaders!

We invite you to submit your nomination for a winner in each category. Take this opportunity to shine light on your own company’s achievements or put the spotlight on a key project that has made an outstanding impact. Nominations close on 16 January, so don’t delay, have your say today!


End of Day 1


Welcome & Registration


Networking Welcome Coffee


SESSION 1: Hydrogen Technical Latest Advancements, Innovations, Solutions & Project Developments

  • Hydrogen latest advancements, solutions and innovations
  • How to make hydrogen’s industry a reality? From the why to the how
  • Implementing hydrogen practical solutions, technologies and innovations: global collaboration to achieve hydrogen deployment
  • Creating the hydrogen economy: commercial and economic efficiencies
  • Creating the demand to drive the energy transition into a sustainability & profit
  • New cleantech targeted at lowering Capex and Opex
  • Addressing investment gaps in a viable Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Hydrogen: from niche to a global energy commodity – what is required? How?

VIP Tour of the Exhibition


Networking Coffee Break


SPOTLIGHT SESSION 2: Hydrogen in Offshore, Onshore & Floating Wind: Solutions, Innovations & Latest Advancements

  • Wind to hydrogen projects: latest developments, next steps and timescales
  • The potential for offshore, floating and onshore wind in the hydrogen economy
  • Operational excellence and cost optimisation in wind to hydrogen
  • Wind’s pivotal role in advancing low carbon energy systems
  • Integrating green hydrogen production from wind in the energy value chain

Panel Discussion


SPOTLIGHT SESSION 3: Renewables & Hydrogen Projects: Solar, Hydro & Geothermal

  • Clean Hydrogen & renewables production technology advancements
  • Solar, hydrogen and geothermal major projects around the world
  • Pinpointing global green hydrogen development hotspots
  • What are the biggest innovations and solutions so far in the renewables to hydrogen sector

Panel Discussion


Networking Lunch


SESSION 4: Electrolysers, Hydrogen Technologies, Production & Cost Development Anticipation

  • Electrolyser technologies: what has been done so far and what’s next?
  • Scaling up and lowering the costs of electrolysis: an intertwined relationship
  • What actions needs the main stakeholders to take to make it a reality?
  • Considering cost externalities within CAPEX and OPEX projections

Presentations & Q&A 

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SESSION 5: Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure Development, Storage & Distribution

  • Retrofitting solutions, timescales, feasibility & Regulation
  • Regulations and policies to upgrade and retrofit existing infrastructure and build new linkages
  • The role of Ammonia in the transportation, capturing and storing of hydrogen
  • Developments in Storage and Distribution R&D
  • Positioning Green Hydrogen in the Energy storage landscape
  • Building a global hydrogen network: projects, timescales and plans
  • LNG Terminals, Pipelines & future transport roles for existing Gas Infrastructure
  • Balancing the Energy Mix and Gas Infrastructure



Networking Coffee Break


SESSION 6: Blue Hydrogen & CCUS Pathways: Short Term Strategy or Part of the Transition?

  • The role of blue hydrogen in the global fossil fuel energy transition?
  • Will blue hydrogen represent a short term alternative to green hydrogen?
  • The role of CCS in the energy transition and its application to blue hydrogen technologies
  • Overcoming low-carbon hydrogen demand and infrastructure challenges through CCS fossil fuel coupling: opportunities and challenges
  • Setting parameters for a mitigated use of blue hydrogen
  • Purple hydrogen: France’s case study

Keynote Address followed by Presentations and Q&A

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SESSION 7: Global Hydrogen Trade Panel: Bringing Together Hydrogen Producers & Offtakers

  • Hydrogen Supply & Demand side incentivisation: a truly global market opportunity
  • Creating global hydrogen trade networks
  • Creating efficiencies in the global hydrogen trade market
  • New geographies for hydrogen production: linking producers and offtakers
  • Understanding the hydrogen regulations in the globe’s different regions and how they impact hydrogen’s trade opportunities
  • Where is hydrogen’s highest demand and potential?

Keynote Address followed by a panel discussion lead by an industry expert moderator


End of Day 1


Networking Gala Dinner
Sponsored by Smartenergy

Make the most of your networking time by joining us at the must-attend Gala Dinner.  A fantastic opportunity to have deeper conversations with your new contacts, cement relationships and secure deals for the year ahead.


Welcome & Registration


Welcome Networking Coffee


PRESENTATION: Geopolitical Impacts of Hydrogen in the Global Energy Transition


SESSION 9: Decarbonising Hard to Abate Industrial Sectors & Industrial Applications Through Green Hydrogen Solutions

  • Hydrogen as a key component to global decarbonisation
  • Opportunities in hard to abate industrial sectors: cement, steel, chemicals, mining
  • The future vision for a decarbonised world: what needs to be done and implemented
  • Public and private sector collaboration to decarbonise heavy industries
  • Addressing suitability in diverging industries and applications

Panel Discussion


Focused Tour of the Exhibition


Networking Coffee Break


SESSION 10: Hydrogen Mobility Timescales, Economics & Opportunities: Road, Train & Air Transportation

  • Timescales, Economics & Opportunities for hydrogen mobility, including planes, EVs, trucks
  • Knowledge sharing & collaboration across the mobility market for decarbonisation joint effort
  • Aviation, HGVS retrofitting technologies
  • Fuel Cells Developments & next advancements
  • How is Hydrogen distribution and refuelling infrastructure progressing?



SESSION 11: Hydrogen & Maritime: Solutions, Innovations & Timescales

  • What is the potential impact for Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Maritime?
  • Public – Private Partnerships fostering hydrogen advancements in the maritime and transport sectors
  • Building Sustainable Energy Hubs: The Ports of the Future
  • Liquid hydrogen: is hydrogen going to replicate the LNG economy?
  • E - Green LNG carbon neutral cargoes: opportunities and challenges
  • Which are the cutting edge R&D advances and the latest updates from Mission H2?
  • What’s the potential for Hydrogen with the infrastructure we could have by 2030?

Panel Discussion

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SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Hydrogen & Ammonia: Opportunities & Advancements

  • The role of green ammonia and hydrogen in the energy revolution
  • Ammonia as a hydrogen source for fuel cells: what are the latest technology advancements and opportunities?
  • Green ammonia’s potential in different industrial and economic sectors
  • Pinpointing the latest ammonia projects in the global energy market



Networking Lunch


SESSION 12: Financing, Regulations & Policies Subsidising Hydrogen Projects & Developments

  • Attracting funding - what Private Equity Funds are looking for in new Hydrogen enterprise
  • Regulations & policies to harmonise hydrogen global trade and value chains
  • Certifying clean hydrogen: what is required from a global stand point? Next steps and timelines
  • Investor Confidence Gaps – what technological and political impetus is still missing?
  • Supporting and subsidizing hydrogen global deployment

Panel Discussion led by an industry expert

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SESSION 13: Intracontinental Hydrogen Supply Chain Development & Integration

  • From producers to end consumer: creating demand and new markets for hydrogen
  • Hydrogen pipeline development: Linking major hydrogen producers to end user markets
  • Roads, rivers, trains and required infrastructure to transport hydrogen along the value chain
  • The role of ports in the onwards global supply chain network

Sequence of 10 minute Presentations


Networking Coffee Break


SESSION 14: Global Hydrogen Supply Chains Creation & Development

  • Developing and creating a global hydrogen value chain
  • Integrating and creating opportunities along hydrogen’s value chain
  • Driving innovation and knowledge transfer along the value chain
  • Global hydrogen movers and shakers: what is their next move?
  • Where is hydrogen’s industry going? Forecasts, plans and strategies
  • Building Sustainable Energy Hubs: The Ports of the Future

Presentations with a duration of 5m each & Q&A


Global Hydrogen Leaders Debate: Where is Energy Transition Going?

Different Energy Transition Visions. One Expert Moderator. The Must Attend Debate.

  • The final and exciting World Hydrogen 2022 session will bring a lively debate between different visions for energy transition and the routes to achieve it. What steps need to be taken right now? What are companies implementing? What are Governments doing to support them? Is it blue vs. green? Or hydrogen’s full spectrum as a pathway towards energy transition?
  • Don’t miss this incredibly lively and dynamic debate between global energy leaders by hearing their perspectives on what’s needed to achieve energy transition, the role of hydrogen and the realistic future scenarios.

Closing Remarks & Farewell


End of the World Hydrogen 2022 Summit & Exhibition – Cocktail Reception


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“Insightful presentations and a great networking event.”

Stefano Andreola
Consultant, AFRY

“Fantastic conference, I really enjoyed my time and looking forward to the next one.”

Katie Mille
Head of Strategy & Corporate Development, Strategy & Corporate Development, Urenco

“Very informative and embracing from political to operational matters.”

Florent Baudu
Sales Director, McPhy

“A unique event offering high quality content and a very interactive audience. Thanks for bringing us all together.”

Luc Grare
Vice President, NEL Hydrogen

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World Hydrogen 2022 - Meet the Growing Hydrogen Value Chain

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